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Tadacip kaufen mit. Sitzpraktik und zu werden. [I'm working on a few more projects: small to medium sized "business" app that will support payment/pay-wall/transactions via bitcoin and ethereum, a small service that will be available in the next years that will allow paying for anything via bitcoin & ethereum as well payments of different kinds on other blockchain based systems. My goal with all these projects will be to able provide the best possible user experience in these domains. This is a guest post by Robert Kowalewski (twitter: @sokratis). In early 2015 I became a believer in two new technologies, both of which will allow us to build new types of software, but at a much faster pace than traditional software systems. These technologies are called microservices and Docker. Microservices Microservices are an architectural pattern that makes it possible to build very small and reliable services. These services are very small on a physical server (under 30 cores) and very reliable (over 98% uptime). Since it allows us to build very small services, it allows us to build services like microblogging, video, audio, and ecommerce applications much faster than traditional web servers or other types of traditional infrastructure. I have used many different microservices architectures over the past couple of years, and I will show some examples for this blog post. Some of the key benefits microservices are: Small and reliable Less code Leveraging of containers Easier to test Simpler architectures Let's take a look at an example of what a microservices infrastructure looks like. Example of building a microservices service using Kubernetes and Swarm. You will notice that the entire infrastructure is running on a single server, in this case a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server. In this instance, we are using a single node because microservices are often very large. In this example, we are starting with a relatively small service named hello-world, which simply posts a hello world message to our microservice API. For our example we will use the following packages: To run this example from the command line you will need to install kubectl globally: $ export KUBECONFIG= " $( kubectl get pods ) " Next, you'll need to install Kubernetes: $ wget -qO - https://storage.googleapis.com/kubernetes/releases/v1.6.1/kubectl-1.6.1.tgz && sh kubectl init -f kubernetes.yaml This will run canada pharmacy cialis a series of commands to build and provision our first Kubernetes Pod. At this point, if you just ran kubectl list Pod -s hello-world, you would see two instances, one with 3 pod containers per one server, and another containing all 3. At this point we have the following services running. Our container is named hello-world and has 3 containers. Kubernetes Cluster A Kubernetes Cluster uses number of services to create a network of nodes in cluster. You can see this in action with kubectl cluster-info. You should see something like the below on left.

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